The Way He Dances


I would love to be like a meek child and rest on Your belly

And look into Your ever so thoughtful eyes

And sleep the dreams of a princess

You tell me stories

Stories how You were lonely

So You created benevolent angels

And then created humans with free will

“Tell me more,” I would say and then I closed my eyelids before He continued

I was so lost in His storytelling that I began my own

I dreamt I danced with God

We danced so gracefully like we were literally walking on clouds

We were dancing a waltz so perfectly

Oh, the look in His eyes as He took the lead

Then I woke up and He was right there

Telling me the dream could become a reality

He took my hands

And we began dancing

Just like the dream

Oh, I love the way He dances


(C) Carly Wiggins 2009

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