The Romance of the Cosmos


The celestial realm is doing a waltz

Debris rocks with firefly tails

Are a part of this romance of the cosmos

While spirals of light and gasses are moving

Through an endless expansive universe


Down on one of the rotating rocks

Are a life force of ingenuity

Breathing atoms of purpose

But flesh and bone of pride at times


They wonder if there is other life

They send satellites and robots to assess

But what they are forgetting

Is the One Being who is always there


He has been there before eons began

He watches from afar

But He looks deeply into each heart

Inspecting each motivation and loving act


He has us in His ancient hands

And on His never ending thoughts

So is there life on other planets?

There is more activity than we could ever believe

Β© Carly Wiggins 2018

20 thoughts on “The Romance of the Cosmos

  1. Very nice poem, dear Carly πŸ™‚

    …and surely there is life and life-form in the cosmos – we are surely not alone but are also a very big cosmic family within the creation of God.

    Best wishes and hugs

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thanks Tina. I truly appreciate it. I find sometimes it’s easier to write my thoughts and emotions than articulate them with words. Happy you liked it. πŸ’œ


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