The Carpenter Knows Me

The Carpenter knows me
He has fashioned me
For such a time as this
In this thing called life
With all its plot twists

I started as wood
Even my heart
But he broke me apart
He used chisels
And screws
To make me new

I hated this process
How it still goes on!
I measured my success
By how polished others were
But you said, “You are a beautiful mess”

But you taught me through the pain
And clipping away rusting character traits
Ones that are way past an expiration date
I thought I had solutions in my mind
But I see the tools start to rotate

And I know it’s time
To change me in a whole new way
At a molecular level
Get past the agony
And resist the devil

You have always been there
You won’t stop now
I can always feel you somehow
Even in all this peeling away
Scarred people run from the Lord
But renewed ones run toward

(C) Carly Wiggins May 2022

Rejoicing in the Process


I am no one

Without You

This world

Leaves one incomplete 

Like a fake egg

Waiting to hatch


So many sins

In Your sight

But Your love

Is like a beckoning light

Drawing me in

Exposing but cleansing 


There’s no need

You love me

The world 

Will reject me

But that’s no cause for shame

But to rejoice 


Is coming to me

Because You see

Me as a perfect offspring

Coming forth 

From an eternal womb

Leaving behind the immaterial 

(C) Written by Carly Wiggins 2022