Trust the Journey

Don’t tarry

Life can be scary

But trust the driver

He knows where he is going

Somewhere we have never been

His heart is a safe haven

He provided food by the raven

He multiplied the flour in a jar

Why don’t you get in the car?

Don’t be afraid of the sharp turns

Or the blaring horns

Or the speed you must go

To reach your destiny on time

(C) Carly Wiggins May 2022

Scripture Poem

For God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear
It’s not the healthy who need a doctor but the sick
Know this: the Lord takes personal care of the faithful
The Lord will hear
A bruised reed will not break
He will not snuff a smoldering wick

Promises of the Bible
Are awesome
Gos, You have no rival
You make the ways of the world look dumb

(C) Carly Wiggins May 2022

Rejoicing in the Process


I am no one

Without You

This world

Leaves one incomplete 

Like a fake egg

Waiting to hatch


So many sins

In Your sight

But Your love

Is like a beckoning light

Drawing me in

Exposing but cleansing 


There’s no need

You love me

The world 

Will reject me

But that’s no cause for shame

But to rejoice 


Is coming to me

Because You see

Me as a perfect offspring

Coming forth 

From an eternal womb

Leaving behind the immaterial 

(C) Written by Carly Wiggins 2022

God is Faithful

God is faithful 

We should be grateful 

The grass may fade 

And bodies turn to dust

But believing is a must 

When will the end be?

How faraway is eternity?

All I know the earth is decaying 

In time the trumpets to be playing 

Do you believe God is faithful to the end?

And that every knee will bend?

These trouble seem to go on for miles

But will see His goodness in these trials

My story is relatable and unique 

But in Him I am strong when I feel weak

God is faithful to me

Just look at the cross at Calvary

(C) Written by Carly Wiggins 2021

It Starts with Changed Hearts

Feeling alone 

Like a gnome

Left in the snow

Everyone says

Everything will be okay

But why I do feel

Like a deserted ashtray?

I know I cause others grief

When my worries aren’t brief

And they can get no relief 

I know I am overly sensitive 

But isn’t all relative?

The way I view life

Is my unique perspective 

I see things into the spirit realm 

Beauty that overwhelms 

But also evil entities that condemn

How will we stop them?

Their words seem so self-assured

All the assaults believers have endured 

I want to rise above and to be reassured

In a world where lines are blurred

Didn’t people see this coming?

We thought we knew who were becoming

But are glass houses are crumbling 

But you on a slippery slope

If you think you have all the answers 

You’ll be at the end of your rope

I want treasures of heaven to come to earth

And create an entirely new birth 

But first, our iniquities must come forth

I am no expectation 

To see I need more and more grace

It is no exaggeration 

The love of God knows no bounds

It’s like mighty angel wings that surround

And believers moving to a new sound

I am excited about this possibility 

Of love gaining new ground in Thee

But you know what?

It starts with changed hearts of you and me 

(C) Written by Carly Wiggins 2022

Life is an Unexpected Adventure

I am going through a lot in this season of life—many “firsts” for me. One of my good friends has breast cancer and had to get a double mastectomy. Cancer doesn’t run in my life, and I never had a friend who had cancer before. It’s hard to see her tired like she is and has suffered for the last two years. She got diagnosed at the start of the pandemic. With everything going on in the world, a cancer diagnosis is hard enough!

I told her I was mad at God for giving her cancer, so swiftly responded and said, “You should be mad at the devil.” And I agree. I am really upset when Christians assume that maybe she brought this upon herself. I believe it’s an attack of the enemy. Sometimes life feels like an unexpected adventure we didn’t sign up for at any time. I pray for her continually but most importantly, I pray for God to give her strength. She continues to trust in the Lord despite her illness.

However, heartache can bring satisfaction, in the end, turn pain into testimony. I am a teacher’s aide for high schoolers with learning differences, mostly on the autism spectrum disorder. Many people told me I have the patience for and understanding for the students. But do you know why I have the understanding for it? It’s because I have a mild form of autism. I can relate to some of their struggles. My pain is molding my testimony and character. Autism is a new way of looking at the world, but it also comes with unique challenges. I can relate to being overly anxious, sensitive to loud noises, and needing steps broken down into smaller steps. And I am aiding them by my experiences; while they may be different, there are still overlaps.

I pray this as well for my friend who is undergoing cancer treatment. May she reach other women with breast cancer and be a living testimony and an anchoring of faith and hope for many. And may your struggles aid you in being a light for others!

Save the Best for Last

It’s not about perfection but about faith 

God is saving the best for last 

In the wedding feast

We will be drinking His wine 

Made from the finest of grapes

When we sit down 

And look at His crown

We will truly understand these new times

Fear is a absence of trust

It’s like walking on broken glass

He wants to restore

Our hearts of splinters 

That have been gathering dust

When we look into His dynamic eyes

We will truly understand why we are alive

A new dawn is upon us from our previous winters

(C) Written by Carly Wiggins 2021