Little Robins

The robin tends to her young

She make sure

They get every worm

Before the day is done

The mom will do anything

To make sure they are fed and safe

Moments become days on end

Before too long

It’s time to spread those wings at last

The nurturing time is over

It’s time for this new task

Time to learn and grow

On their own

The wind will help their bodies flow

Don’t be afraid little ones

Your mom is ready to let go

She can’t wait to see what you will become

(C) Carly Wiggins May 2022

A robin in Vermont I saw inspired this poem. Her babies were about to born. I even blew her a kiss and she cocked her head, wiggled her butt and opened her mouth. She gave me such a look that said, ”You better leave me alone and my babies when they are born.” She was such a good protective mother. Here’s a picture of her:

Here are some cool facts about robins.

Dusty Road

You say it’s ok
But I want to believe you
You say you love me
I want to receive it too

But I come from a dusty road
Some trees along the way
Offering support
But some decided not to stay

The clock has stopped
So I can’t see
How long been low on gas
The loss of time perplexes me

The gas isn’t my life expectancy
But fuel of hope
What started as destiny
Quickly lost its wide scope

I know others have dusty roads
But mine seems so dry
I choose stick shift to experience life
But you question why

I try to stop asking why
I’ll keep driving
Where the rubber meets the road
Where it’s ok my history was my striving

(C) Carly Wiggins May 2022

In the Warmth of the Night

In the warmth of the night
I can hear the katydids
Playing their song
In the wee hours of the night

I love summer nights
Where the air feels heavy
But more comfortable
Than the day

When many people have gone off to bed
Sleeping in their warm comforters
Throughout the world
It’s just you and me love

Staring at this moon together
We know it’s late
But we love being together
In the thick but welcoming summer air

I know you are going away
Like a caboose ready to ride
The straight and narrow
Please don’t forget me

I know I’ll never forget
Your half-moon smile
And twinkling star eyes
Summer will always be in my heart

(C) Carly Wiggins May 2022

Dear Friend

I know you suffer
But I am here for you
You know I suffer too
But don’t let go

We are here for each other
Like blessing lilacs in the spring
Your smile is my favorite thing
Let the blessings flow

I know you have cancer
Like a gnat that will never leave you alone
You know I have anxiety of the unknown
But trust I God to lead through every high and low

I am sorry I cause you grief
I want you to know that I care
I pray for you to let go of everything you bear
I know God loves us so

(C) Carly Wiggins 2022

Where Time Goes

As the wind blows
Where time goes
No one knows

I just want peace
As trouble I release
As soaring geese

The valleys may be dry
No rain from the sky
But your heart answers the why

I don’t care if I have the answered equations
Numbers can cause frustrations
If the solution comes with allegations

Where’s my hope in humanity
It comes with affinity
As I hope in the divinity

Let go of the sorrow and pain
And try to refrain
From getting out of your lane

We all have our path to tread
So as you wake up from bed
Don’t forget how you found truth when our hearts bled

(C) Carly Wiggins 2022

My Quotes on Persevering

Here are some quotes that came to my spirit this today. I hope it encourages you.

“It’s in the waiting that you are truly strengthened. And it’s all about how you choose to wait. For example, when you wait for a train you can either complain, constantly look at your watch, or reflect on how far you’ve come. The choice is always yours.” – Carly

”Just because a story starts off good it doesn’t mean it will end good. And just because a story starts off bad it doesn’t mean it will end bad. It doesn’t matter how it begins, all the matters is how you preserve in the pages in between to determine how it will end.” – Carly

A Celestial Romance of a Man and Woman 

It’s ok to wear your heart on your sleeve 

You better believe 

If the stars reflect in your eyes

I’ll take note

Your strong shoulders keep me afloat

I love you 

Some days I can’t go on

Waiting for a new dawn

This new era

Makes me fear ya

I don’t know my position 

I try to follow my intuition 

But when the stars come out

I lose all sense of doubt

I see those eyes reflecting 

And it’s like a supernatural directing 

I am mesmerized with you

I am no longer distracted

I love you

The stars in both pupils are attracted

The stars of harmony 

In a dark world of uncertainty 

Unite under a new constellation

And divine romance of planetary rotation 

If I am the moon, you are the sun

Blaze your rays of liquid love one by one

If our love will lasts beyond time and dates 

My heart will still be yours when earth fades

(C) Written by Carly Wiggins 2021


I am looking a photo you sent me for Christmas

With your smile and behind you a wreath

I am thinking of you

Do you scroll through your photos

And do the same thing?

And sometimes I think of memories

Of you and us hanging out

I am thinking of you

Do you reflect on our memories together?

And smile at the thought of our connection?

I expect you to have your freedom without me

But it hurts when you are not around

Are you hurt when I am not around?

Or are you so busy that I don’t cross your mind?