The Seam is Bursting

seam splitting

The trees retire their leaves

My spirit grieves

I know they will be back

Like paved gravel

The workers lay the ground work

But my day’s plans unravel


Do not hold on too tightly

The breeze doesn’t blow slightly

The kite will blow away

Leaving that little child in dismay


I am a child at heart

Immature and naive from the start

I’ve been told children will inherit paradise

But I’m acting like I already attained the prize


If you shake me

Please don’t forsake me

I don’t always dot my I’s

Even with all these misfortunes

But I am thrilled

The enemy is being stilled

The seam is bursting with a gift inside


I need a new awakening

When the new day is aching

It’s aching like a bruise

I know I cannot lose

© Carly Wiggins 2018

God is a Ghost

god is a ghost

The cobwebs, the crooked doors, and the darkened hallways
I forget to acknowledge myself in all my ways
I forget there is one constant in all of the universe
It still has to run its course
When I feel all alone
I forget there is a soul of mine I can call my own
Aliens, ghosts, and skeletons
But don’t you forget God is a ghost
He has come to give you what you need most
You should fear this ghost
He can mysteriously pop up in front of you during the day
Sometimes it appears he is unseen
But he knows what you need
He has come to reap and comfort
For he alone can heal our hurt
Don’t forget God’s a ghost
And he loves you very much
Don’t forget his mysterious power

(C) Carly Wiggins 2007


The Romance of the Cosmos


The celestial realm is doing a waltz

Debris rocks with firefly tails

Are a part of this romance of the cosmos

While spirals of light and gasses are moving

Through an endless expansive universe


Down on one of the rotating rocks

Are a life force of ingenuity

Breathing atoms of purpose

But flesh and bone of pride at times


They wonder if there is other life

They send satellites and robots to assess

But what they are forgetting

Is the One Being who is always there


He has been there before eons began

He watches from afar

But He looks deeply into each heart

Inspecting each motivation and loving act


He has us in His ancient hands

And on His never ending thoughts

So is there life on other planets?

There is more activity than we could ever believe

© Carly Wiggins 2018

Disgraceful Swan


I was one of many swans

In a spacious pond


Every swan was peaceful

They rode the waters with such ease

As they rode they felt an adventurous pull


Everywhere they went they were seekers

Seekers of food and a scenic swim

And mothers taught their young like teachers


But not I

I cannot lie


I would hunt for food and push others away

It would annoy the other swans

So I was a famished swan by day


At night I would get lost and cry with a yelp

It would ruffle their feathers

They would ignore my cry for help


I felt so utterly alone

Like my heart was made of stone


They thought I was greedy

But deep inside I knew the truth

I was just desperately needy


From dusk to dawn I’ve learned the hard way

I will always just be a disgraceful swan


(C) Carly Wiggins 2018

Photo credit: Roeselien Ramond

God’s Beautiful and Complete Design


The rushing wind

Begins to ascend

Into my curly hair

Waving to and fro

As the sun lightly touches my skin

Like a big warm yellow kiss


Nature is wonderfully regulated and defined

By God’s design

By His elegant and delicate system


If you believe we got here through evolution

Or the big bang

Please use your intuition

God is the inventor behind it all


Just look at peacocks with their magnificent color array

Or a swan gracefully as she may

It’s a part of God’s beautiful and complete design

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018


World Shifting




The world is going through a shift

God is taking us through a sift

Now it’s not the time for fear

But submit to God in prayer


Some many things steal our attention from our first love

We can’t give the devil anymore permission

The devil service comes for you and me

But we can destroy his works with the holy dove


Joel 2 is coming to body of Christ

Because of the Jesus’s paid price

The devil service doesn’t want us to stand

As king and queens, hand in hand


Reject the lies of the evil one

That you aren’t loved, unconditionally

That you aren’t royalty unto the Most High

Because one day we will shine like the Son

(C) Carly Wiggins 2017



A Little TLC Does One Good


Who are we? The question is whether or not we can accept who we are not: and therefore then able to accept who we are. The enemy always whispers in our ears that we are not good enough. We aren’t smart, good-looking, creative enough, etc. How do we silence those intense voices? You may ask.

I don’t have a manual called, “Steps to Silence the Dark Voices in Your Head.” But I do have some encouragement for you. We all make mistakes. We can lust over things we shouldn’t have. We can spend too much money on things or spend so much time on not feeling good enough for God, ourselves or others. We do this because we have a God-shaped hope that only He can feel.

Struggling makes us stronger. Sometimes we have to hit rock button to start looking upwards. We are in this life to learn patience, grace and mercy. We can be a blessing to others or they can be a blessing to us. But sometimes the blessing comes in a package. We don’t know what the contents hold and we get a paper cut looking before it’s ready to be open. But inside is hope, faith, love and opportunity.

I remember a time when I worked at a movie theater. I would do theater checks. And I have seen people asleep after the movie was already over. Or a guy fell down we had to help up. Or a person puked that we had to clean up.

The movie represents our lives. How many times do we sleep during the climax of the movie (or our lives)? Or we get sick and puke during the growing pains of life? Or feel clumsy and slip during a challenging time? There is no judgement. Just smile and realize that you are human and are learning.

One of my favorite quotes is by John Lennon, “Life happens when you are busy making other plans.” How true is this!

Don’t think too much. Don’t smoke too much. Don’t drink too much. But most importantly, don’t stop loving yourself. You aren’t selfish by loving yourself first. The captain of the ship has to make sure he is healthy before he mans the ship. What if he had pneumonia and he decided to still wants to guide a ship? Pneumonia actually can be contagious. So he would risk getting others sick and if the ship was sailing during a storm, would he have enough strength to control that ship?

I have had pneumonia before. You have no energy, which in return causes stress and a cloudy mind. A captain with pneumonia should call in sick that day.

I am not saying any time you are emotional not feeling well you should call in sick. I am not. But similarly to the captain, be patient with yourself and take the necessary measures for balance and peace in your life.

You may skip lunch with a good friend for a little TLC and go walk in the park with your thoughts and God. There’s nothing wrong with this. If you have a true friend, they will understand. But I would do this with caution until you know the person well or they could possibly think that you are blowing them off.

I wish as a society we could tell an acquaintance that we need a little TLC and they would not take it personally. I believe we are growing as a human race with more awareness and compassion in that area.

Stay blessed and loved and don’t forget to take care of yourself first to facilitate wellness and peace in your life.

Do you take enough alone for yourself? Please let me know what you think. Is there a such thing as too much alone time?

~Carly at My Ink Smears~

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018