Loving Guidance


On life


To get it right

Every day 

Is a chance to grow 

Will take the initiative 

To fully live?

Sometimes it’s hard

But I haven’t given up

Sounds like a Hallmark card

But I go each step


In my world

Going insane

I will stay bold

The Bible 

Is full of wisdom

Will I take it in?

And confess every sin?

I am making progress

I see it in His eyes

Life starts to make sense

When I feel His loving guidance 

The Mystic

Each day is something new to discover

Like walking a freshly paved road

With flowers on the border

Grateful yesterday for the peace I sowed

I want to reach inside

For some truth

Is life an absolute?

Or my day walking?

Not sure how to feel

I go both and forth

But I keep walking on

Between suspicion and worth

You have two things in hand

A cross and an epitaph

I guess that’s all our path

A life of struggle going up a graph

Please don’t give up on me

Just seeing things as realistic

I haven’t given up on you

In this heart, there’s still a genuine mystic