God is Friend, Mentor and Father

Father, You are my friend 

When I am lonely

When little exchanges 

Happen between people

I can go to the steeple

And can talk to You for hours

Father, You are my mentor

When I am uncertain

When different paths

Come between us

With signs covered in dust 

Your light shows me the way

Father, You are my Father

When I am afraid

When darkness comes in

And makes me stumble & shake 

You exile the snake

And remind me of our love

You are friend, mentor and Father

Yes, You are all these things 

You are with me now 

And forever more

Blessed are spirits that are poor

They shall see God

You have walked in shoes

When my identity is misplaced

When sin crepes back in

When I worry my life away

You tell me it’s going to be ok

I love Your heart towards me

So sincere and pure

How can I ever repay You?

How can I touch Your very heart?

Thanks for generous love you impart 

Photo credit:

Painting by Greg Olsen called “Lost and Found.”

Despair Not

Despair, despair, despair 

Release every care

What might not work now

Might seem like a steep climb

But there’s a view on top 

Fret, fret, fret 

Let go of every regret

What you didn’t have

Might have been 

An opaque trophy

Loneliness, loneliness, loneliness 

Release every time you felt neglect

What might seem like isolation 

Is actually a sure sign of

Character development and growth 

We all go from spring to winter

Wounded hearts with a splinter

It’s all about how we recover

Make it to the finish line

With whole souls and a new focus

The Rooms



In the halls of discontentment

In the crowded spaces of resentment

Are these cloth coverings of protection?

Because of our wounds of rejection?


We are all mummied up

Spilling this blessed cup

Blocking our vision because of these cloths

We are could-have-been-butterflies moths


When will we allow our ugliness to shine?

That’s where mess and glory allow the stars to align

© Carly Wiggins 2018

I am Soaring in the Air (Am I Going to Fly or Fall?)



I am soaring in the air
Am I gonna fly or fall?
This heart of mine is an overhaul

I just want to fly
I don’t want to think about why I’m alive
I just want to be with I

Because when I fly the wide skies
I don’t want to think about it
When I feel the world’s lies
And fall into its disguise

I know that life is short
And I don’t want to think about death
Life is precious with its grime and dirt
And if I die now it will hurt

Growth is a porcelain vased plant
Slowly spreading its greenery
Adapting while others say I can’t

I just want to fly
I don’t want to think about why I’m alive
I just want to be with I

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018


Life’s Long Queues


You feel like you lose
Having to wait in life’s long queues
Waiting is the hardest part
It’s like sour candy, so tart
When it melts in your mouth
It starts to sting
Reminding you how things went south

You ask, “What’s the point of waiting?”
Well, the answer is worth debating
Ever since you are born
You spirit is ripped and torn
You feel so fragile
Like a special porcelain dish
You wish life was more agile

I know you say, “Don’t give up or in”
But do you know the weight of my every sin?
I forgive others more readily than myself
Go on say, “Put your arrogance and vainity on the shelf”
But there’s more that leaves me incomplete
It’s being patient in the hustle and bustle
While trying to love myself when busyness takes a front row seat

(C) Carly Wiggins 2017

Disgraceful Swan


I was one of many swans

In a spacious pond


Every swan was peaceful

They rode the waters with such ease

As they rode they felt an adventurous pull


Everywhere they went they were seekers

Seekers of food and a scenic swim

And mothers taught their young like teachers


But not I

I cannot lie


I would hunt for food and push others away

It would annoy the other swans

So I was a famished swan by day


At night I would get lost and cry with a yelp

It would ruffle their feathers

They would ignore my cry for help


I felt so utterly alone

Like my heart was made of stone


They thought I was greedy

But deep inside I knew the truth

I was just desperately needy


From dusk to dawn I’ve learned the hard way

I will always just be a disgraceful swan


(C) Carly Wiggins 2018

Photo credit: Roeselien Ramond