Little Robins

The robin tends to her young

She make sure

They get every worm

Before the day is done

The mom will do anything

To make sure they are fed and safe

Moments become days on end

Before too long

It’s time to spread those wings at last

The nurturing time is over

It’s time for this new task

Time to learn and grow

On their own

The wind will help their bodies flow

Don’t be afraid little ones

Your mom is ready to let go

She can’t wait to see what you will become

(C) Carly Wiggins May 2022

A robin in Vermont I saw inspired this poem. Her babies were about to born. I even blew her a kiss and she cocked her head, wiggled her butt and opened her mouth. She gave me such a look that said, ”You better leave me alone and my babies when they are born.” She was such a good protective mother. Here’s a picture of her:

Here are some cool facts about robins.

Fruit We Bear

Christians are supposed to be known by their love for each other

But even the church can be toxic

No wonder so many people are agnostic 

Love we are supposed to represent 

Not just to force them to repent 

It’s more than just the rules

It’s heart of the matter

Jesus made that very clear 

Prophets are known by the fruits they bear

There will be many false prophets and Christs 

They will adding miracles as a part of the price 

They will charge per demon casted out 

I know we are in the end times

But where’s the hope the Bible talks about?

I know there will every disease, war and drought

But what about taking about the glory coming?

And saints joining hands while satan’s agenda is crumbling 

It’s more than the propaganda and hysteria 

People are suffering enough as it is

And the unbelievers need hope

As they are at the end of their rope

They need more than a verse

They has been rehearsed

They need love

I have been hurt by hypocrites

Wolves in sheep clothing

I hope they will reap what they been sowing 

Blessed are the poor spirit for theirs is the kingdom

Proverbs and Ecclesiastes is filled with so much wisdom

Everything is meaningless apart from God

(C) Carly Wiggins March 2022

The Trailblazer

Everything is going be fine

I feel like my heart is blind

But you remind

That love is worth the time

Yes, I have been hurt

Had my name smeared in the dirt

But a new identity is emerging forth

But watch out! I know my worth!

I won’t let you tell me I am nothing

I know you weren’t bluffing

I’ll shield myself from words that are crushing

Because I know I amount to something!

My purpose comes from my Creator

My one and only Savior

Even when the enemies words cut like a razor

With God I am a trailblazer!

(C) Carly Wiggins May 2022

Scripture Poem

For God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear
It’s not the healthy who need a doctor but the sick
Know this: the Lord takes personal care of the faithful
The Lord will hear
A bruised reed will not break
He will not snuff a smoldering wick

Promises of the Bible
Are awesome
Gos, You have no rival
You make the ways of the world look dumb

(C) Carly Wiggins May 2022

Where Time Goes

As the wind blows
Where time goes
No one knows

I just want peace
As trouble I release
As soaring geese

The valleys may be dry
No rain from the sky
But your heart answers the why

I don’t care if I have the answered equations
Numbers can cause frustrations
If the solution comes with allegations

Where’s my hope in humanity
It comes with affinity
As I hope in the divinity

Let go of the sorrow and pain
And try to refrain
From getting out of your lane

We all have our path to tread
So as you wake up from bed
Don’t forget how you found truth when our hearts bled

(C) Carly Wiggins 2022

Life is an Unexpected Adventure

I am going through a lot in this season of life—many “firsts” for me. One of my good friends has breast cancer and had to get a double mastectomy. Cancer doesn’t run in my life, and I never had a friend who had cancer before. It’s hard to see her tired like she is and has suffered for the last two years. She got diagnosed at the start of the pandemic. With everything going on in the world, a cancer diagnosis is hard enough!

I told her I was mad at God for giving her cancer, so swiftly responded and said, “You should be mad at the devil.” And I agree. I am really upset when Christians assume that maybe she brought this upon herself. I believe it’s an attack of the enemy. Sometimes life feels like an unexpected adventure we didn’t sign up for at any time. I pray for her continually but most importantly, I pray for God to give her strength. She continues to trust in the Lord despite her illness.

However, heartache can bring satisfaction, in the end, turn pain into testimony. I am a teacher’s aide for high schoolers with learning differences, mostly on the autism spectrum disorder. Many people told me I have the patience for and understanding for the students. But do you know why I have the understanding for it? It’s because I have a mild form of autism. I can relate to some of their struggles. My pain is molding my testimony and character. Autism is a new way of looking at the world, but it also comes with unique challenges. I can relate to being overly anxious, sensitive to loud noises, and needing steps broken down into smaller steps. And I am aiding them by my experiences; while they may be different, there are still overlaps.

I pray this as well for my friend who is undergoing cancer treatment. May she reach other women with breast cancer and be a living testimony and an anchoring of faith and hope for many. And may your struggles aid you in being a light for others!

God is Friend, Mentor and Father

Father, You are my friend 

When I am lonely

When little exchanges 

Happen between people

I can go to the steeple

And can talk to You for hours

Father, You are my mentor

When I am uncertain

When different paths

Come between us

With signs covered in dust 

Your light shows me the way

Father, You are my Father

When I am afraid

When darkness comes in

And makes me stumble & shake 

You exile the snake

And remind me of our love

You are friend, mentor and Father

Yes, You are all these things 

You are with me now 

And forever more

Blessed are spirits that are poor

They shall see God

You have walked in shoes

When my identity is misplaced

When sin crepes back in

When I worry my life away

You tell me it’s going to be ok

I love Your heart towards me

So sincere and pure

How can I ever repay You?

How can I touch Your very heart?

Thanks for generous love you impart 

Photo credit:

Painting by Greg Olsen called “Lost and Found.”