My Quotes on Persevering

Here are some quotes that came to my spirit this today. I hope it encourages you.

“It’s in the waiting that you are truly strengthened. And it’s all about how you choose to wait. For example, when you wait for a train you can either complain, constantly look at your watch, or reflect on how far you’ve come. The choice is always yours.” – Carly

”Just because a story starts off good it doesn’t mean it will end good. And just because a story starts off bad it doesn’t mean it will end bad. It doesn’t matter how it begins, all the matters is how you preserve in the pages in between to determine how it will end.” – Carly

Nature Blues



The rivulet caressingly moves through the banks

While the brooks ebbs through the meadows

The river moves through the rocks

While the veins in my heart flows

There are highs and lows

Like the enchanting valleys

Or the mountains with dust of snows


I want a life like nature

Purposeful and serene

But the blood veins of my heart get stuck

And my bones are gettting lean

And I feel sickly with a face that’s green

I need destiny once again

A hope that’s rising like I’ve never seen

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018

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