Fruit We Bear

Christians are supposed to be known by their love for each other

But even the church can be toxic

No wonder so many people are agnostic 

Love we are supposed to represent 

Not just to force them to repent 

It’s more than just the rules

It’s heart of the matter

Jesus made that very clear 

Prophets are known by the fruits they bear

There will be many false prophets and Christs 

They will adding miracles as a part of the price 

They will charge per demon casted out 

I know we are in the end times

But where’s the hope the Bible talks about?

I know there will every disease, war and drought

But what about taking about the glory coming?

And saints joining hands while satan’s agenda is crumbling 

It’s more than the propaganda and hysteria 

People are suffering enough as it is

And the unbelievers need hope

As they are at the end of their rope

They need more than a verse

They has been rehearsed

They need love

I have been hurt by hypocrites

Wolves in sheep clothing

I hope they will reap what they been sowing 

Blessed are the poor spirit for theirs is the kingdom

Proverbs and Ecclesiastes is filled with so much wisdom

Everything is meaningless apart from God

(C) Carly Wiggins March 2022

Revival Meeting


I am in this room filled with a zealous spirit

To need to yield is apparent

The awakening time has drawn near

While the refreshing love is oh so clear


I check my heart to make sure I am ready

The music from the band is trickling in the air

The djembe marches on steady

The singers speak, “We are with the Lion Tribe of Judah, release your care”


The room is filled with paintings and signs like “revival” and “stronghold”

I feel restless, this is now the time to be bold

I bring my heart and knees to the ground

Immediate into this musical cerebral sound

“I am here, rest my child,” I hear

“Don’t give up on Me, for I created You”

I shed a tear

“I make beginnings anew”


Then after the music, a pastor starts to speak

About the only One you shall seek

“The Kingdom life is at hand

For it is in our hearts and where we stand”


After that the pastor comes up and lays hands on folks

I feel need to come up

While people are saying, “Glory” and “Our God of Hope”

I am come up and feel the spirit erupt

It comes like a tornado

Through a tornado alley in Laredo

I revitalize my motives and internal being

I let go; the heat wave is so freeing


I feel my head get heavy and knees lock

I fall to the floor

I go into a Holy Spirit shock

I am left with a chilling sensation and the One I adore


I will come again if I can stand

For another time oh so grand

To experience the full enthralling vibe

Of the Lion Judah’s charismatic tribe


(C) Carly Wiggins 2010