Trust the Journey

Don’t tarry

Life can be scary

But trust the driver

He knows where he is going

Somewhere we have never been

His heart is a safe haven

He provided food by the raven

He multiplied the flour in a jar

Why don’t you get in the car?

Don’t be afraid of the sharp turns

Or the blaring horns

Or the speed you must go

To reach your destiny on time

(C) Carly Wiggins May 2022

God is a Ghost

god is a ghost

The cobwebs, the crooked doors, and the darkened hallways
I forget to acknowledge myself in all my ways
I forget there is one constant in all of the universe
It still has to run its course
When I feel all alone
I forget there is a soul of mine I can call my own
Aliens, ghosts, and skeletons
But don’t you forget God is a ghost
He has come to give you what you need most
You should fear this ghost
He can mysteriously pop up in front of you during the day
Sometimes it appears he is unseen
But he knows what you need
He has come to reap and comfort
For he alone can heal our hurt
Don’t forget God’s a ghost
And he loves you very much
Don’t forget his mysterious power

(C) Carly Wiggins 2007