My Quotes on Persevering

Here are some quotes that came to my spirit this today. I hope it encourages you.

“It’s in the waiting that you are truly strengthened. And it’s all about how you choose to wait. For example, when you wait for a train you can either complain, constantly look at your watch, or reflect on how far you’ve come. The choice is always yours.” – Carly

”Just because a story starts off good it doesn’t mean it will end good. And just because a story starts off bad it doesn’t mean it will end bad. It doesn’t matter how it begins, all the matters is how you preserve in the pages in between to determine how it will end.” – Carly

Life’s Long Queues


You feel like you lose
Having to wait in life’s long queues
Waiting is the hardest part
It’s like sour candy, so tart
When it melts in your mouth
It starts to sting
Reminding you how things went south

You ask, “What’s the point of waiting?”
Well, the answer is worth debating
Ever since you are born
You spirit is ripped and torn
You feel so fragile
Like a special porcelain dish
You wish life was more agile

I know you say, “Don’t give up or in”
But do you know the weight of my every sin?
I forgive others more readily than myself
Go on say, “Put your arrogance and vainity on the shelf”
But there’s more that leaves me incomplete
It’s being patient in the hustle and bustle
While trying to love myself when busyness takes a front row seat

(C) Carly Wiggins 2017