One Thousand Gifts



One Thousands Gifts by Ann Voskamp is a Christian biography about gratitude and overcoming pain. The author lost her sister when she was only a toddler. It tackles the  age-old question, where is God when bad things happen? And her life experience throughout the book teach you some surprising revelations about God’s love.

Ann’s writing is really transparent and almost poetic at times. Sometimes she comes from a theological background and turns on “preacher-mode” but other than that, it’s still refreshing. At times she states opinions as facts. Her takes are insightful. I just wish she wrote it with a more honest and humble approach. But I feel her pain. I never went through her pain in life like she did at a very young age. I suffered a lot of anxiety in Elementary School for different reasons. Although the author’s path and mine are very different from one another, I feel like we connect together, Ann and I, through this book.

Here are some quotes from the book:

…”I  enter the world like every person born enters the world: with clenched fists.” (Page 1).

“But from that Garden beginning, God  has had a different purpose for us.  His intent, since He bent low and breathed His life into the dust of our lungs, since He kissed us into being, has never been to slyly orchestrate our ruin.” (Page 17).

Here is a description in the back of the book:

gifts back book

I am only in the very beginning but I am enjoy it so far. Have you read it? What are your thoughts about it?


Happy reading everyone! 😀

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