Statues of Old (Everything will Eventually be Fine)

As the leaves fall like a forgotten dream

You think you knew the answers

Now nothing is as it seems

You crush the leaves into tiny parts

Reminiscent of your remorse

Statutes of old will crumble

Business of polish will stall

Religious traditions will break

So our hearts will awake 

Can you see what’s happening?

We are being poured from the inside out?

Are we preaching what we are practicing?

It takes time for the planets to align

Trust me, everything will be eventually be fine

(C) Carly Wiggins 2022

The Bread

You are in the oven 

Like bread

Rising to the top

We think we are the only loaf

But we are a dime and dozen

But some have more dough 

Some bake more slow

Or a different type all together 

The heat is up high

You are being redefined 

You wish the waiting would stop

Making a promise 

Of a perfect rise would be a lie

It all depends on the care you are given

Which is based a heart that’s driven

Don’t put this fire out

Don’t look to other the breads but the baker

He’s got his on apron and gloves

He knows how firm and how hot

We think we are the only loaf

He laughs at our quarrels

He sees our yeast

To His eyes we are a feast

Don’t put this fire out

(C) Carly Wiggins May 2022

Red Sea Moment

The Israelites and Pharaoh

The 10 plagues

Hail, frogs and locust

It’s no hocus pocus 

It’s God’s wrath

Who will win?

You do the math 

The powers to be

Are obsessed with greed

Every time we buy something

We are just watering their seed

The supply chain

Is strained

Pharaoh cracks the whips

He needs you

Your security and wealth

Is in his ghastly grips 

The more the structures fall

The more we are awakened

The red sea is closing in

But we will make it through 

But whatever you do

Don’t go back

Keep moving straight

These moments are pregnant 

The blood represents more than sea

They are connected to many unborn lives 

Come on children, cross over me with me

(C) Carly Wiggins May 2022

The Carpenter Knows Me

The Carpenter knows me
He has fashioned me
For such a time as this
In this thing called life
With all its plot twists

I started as wood
Even my heart
But he broke me apart
He used chisels
And screws
To make me new

I hated this process
How it still goes on!
I measured my success
By how polished others were
But you said, “You are a beautiful mess”

But you taught me through the pain
And clipping away rusting character traits
Ones that are way past an expiration date
I thought I had solutions in my mind
But I see the tools start to rotate

And I know it’s time
To change me in a whole new way
At a molecular level
Get past the agony
And resist the devil

You have always been there
You won’t stop now
I can always feel you somehow
Even in all this peeling away
Scarred people run from the Lord
But renewed ones run toward

(C) Carly Wiggins May 2022

It Starts with Changed Hearts

Feeling alone 

Like a gnome

Left in the snow

Everyone says

Everything will be okay

But why I do feel

Like a deserted ashtray?

I know I cause others grief

When my worries aren’t brief

And they can get no relief 

I know I am overly sensitive 

But isn’t all relative?

The way I view life

Is my unique perspective 

I see things into the spirit realm 

Beauty that overwhelms 

But also evil entities that condemn

How will we stop them?

Their words seem so self-assured

All the assaults believers have endured 

I want to rise above and to be reassured

In a world where lines are blurred

Didn’t people see this coming?

We thought we knew who were becoming

But are glass houses are crumbling 

But you on a slippery slope

If you think you have all the answers 

You’ll be at the end of your rope

I want treasures of heaven to come to earth

And create an entirely new birth 

But first, our iniquities must come forth

I am no expectation 

To see I need more and more grace

It is no exaggeration 

The love of God knows no bounds

It’s like mighty angel wings that surround

And believers moving to a new sound

I am excited about this possibility 

Of love gaining new ground in Thee

But you know what?

It starts with changed hearts of you and me 

(C) Written by Carly Wiggins 2022

How Can I?


I ask if you love them
You say, “How can I?”
“I am only human”
But we are called to a higher place
To love everyone

I ask if you felt whole by them
You say, “How can I?”
They always get under someone’s skin
But we are to look into our own eyes
And pull out the planks

People change like every season
Broken promises like leaves
Fall like Mother Nature teasin’
We crush them with our feet
And walk forward

Where’s peace and justice?
I am not really sure
I just see evil persist
But when the leaves fall
They will return to the Earth

(C) Carly Wiggins 2019