It Starts with Changed Hearts

Feeling alone 

Like a gnome

Left in the snow

Everyone says

Everything will be okay

But why I do feel

Like a deserted ashtray?

I know I cause others grief

When my worries aren’t brief

And they can get no relief 

I know I am overly sensitive 

But isn’t all relative?

The way I view life

Is my unique perspective 

I see things into the spirit realm 

Beauty that overwhelms 

But also evil entities that condemn

How will we stop them?

Their words seem so self-assured

All the assaults believers have endured 

I want to rise above and to be reassured

In a world where lines are blurred

Didn’t people see this coming?

We thought we knew who were becoming

But are glass houses are crumbling 

But you on a slippery slope

If you think you have all the answers 

You’ll be at the end of your rope

I want treasures of heaven to come to earth

And create an entirely new birth 

But first, our iniquities must come forth

I am no expectation 

To see I need more and more grace

It is no exaggeration 

The love of God knows no bounds

It’s like mighty angel wings that surround

And believers moving to a new sound

I am excited about this possibility 

Of love gaining new ground in Thee

But you know what?

It starts with changed hearts of you and me 

(C) Written by Carly Wiggins 2022

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