In the Warmth of the Night

In the warmth of the night
I can hear the katydids
Playing their song
In the wee hours of the night

I love summer nights
Where the air feels heavy
But more comfortable
Than the day

When many people have gone off to bed
Sleeping in their warm comforters
Throughout the world
It’s just you and me love

Staring at this moon together
We know it’s late
But we love being together
In the thick but welcoming summer air

I know you are going away
Like a caboose ready to ride
The straight and narrow
Please don’t forget me

I know I’ll never forget
Your half-moon smile
And twinkling star eyes
Summer will always be in my heart

(C) Carly Wiggins May 2022

A Celestial Romance of a Man and Woman 

It’s ok to wear your heart on your sleeve 

You better believe 

If the stars reflect in your eyes

I’ll take note

Your strong shoulders keep me afloat

I love you 

Some days I can’t go on

Waiting for a new dawn

This new era

Makes me fear ya

I don’t know my position 

I try to follow my intuition 

But when the stars come out

I lose all sense of doubt

I see those eyes reflecting 

And it’s like a supernatural directing 

I am mesmerized with you

I am no longer distracted

I love you

The stars in both pupils are attracted

The stars of harmony 

In a dark world of uncertainty 

Unite under a new constellation

And divine romance of planetary rotation 

If I am the moon, you are the sun

Blaze your rays of liquid love one by one

If our love will lasts beyond time and dates 

My heart will still be yours when earth fades

(C) Written by Carly Wiggins 2021

God is Friend, Mentor and Father

Father, You are my friend 

When I am lonely

When little exchanges 

Happen between people

I can go to the steeple

And can talk to You for hours

Father, You are my mentor

When I am uncertain

When different paths

Come between us

With signs covered in dust 

Your light shows me the way

Father, You are my Father

When I am afraid

When darkness comes in

And makes me stumble & shake 

You exile the snake

And remind me of our love

You are friend, mentor and Father

Yes, You are all these things 

You are with me now 

And forever more

Blessed are spirits that are poor

They shall see God

You have walked in shoes

When my identity is misplaced

When sin crepes back in

When I worry my life away

You tell me it’s going to be ok

I love Your heart towards me

So sincere and pure

How can I ever repay You?

How can I touch Your very heart?

Thanks for generous love you impart 

Photo credit:

Painting by Greg Olsen called “Lost and Found.”

Summer Rain Love

summer rain 2

The summer rain

Bringing in the heat

Showering the plants and flowers

But I could stay on this patio for hours

Looking into your eyes

You are my summer rain love


You are refreshing my soul

Like the Word of God

With your rejuvenating soul

Your presence makes me whole

I smell the crisp vegetation bloom

After you “rained”  in my heart

(C) Carly Wiggins 2020



How Can I?


I ask if you love them
You say, “How can I?”
“I am only human”
But we are called to a higher place
To love everyone

I ask if you felt whole by them
You say, “How can I?”
They always get under someone’s skin
But we are to look into our own eyes
And pull out the planks

People change like every season
Broken promises like leaves
Fall like Mother Nature teasin’
We crush them with our feet
And walk forward

Where’s peace and justice?
I am not really sure
I just see evil persist
But when the leaves fall
They will return to the Earth

(C) Carly Wiggins 2019

I Miss You (Forgotten Joy)

star gazing


As the trees retire their leaves

The yellow orb only makes me

wish I had more shelter

I miss you


The spur-of-the-moment laughter

The unfiltered words spoken

Gratefulness is taken for granted

It doesn’t matter how many times

the two hands spin around

My garden is full

But you aren’t there

I miss you


My heart keeps ticking

I wonder what kind of activity

is in your heart

I miss you


I see the shape of your head in my mind

Is your heart bigger since you have known me?

Do I have to say it again?

I miss you


(C) Carly Wiggins 2018

Life’s Long Queues


You feel like you lose
Having to wait in life’s long queues
Waiting is the hardest part
It’s like sour candy, so tart
When it melts in your mouth
It starts to sting
Reminding you how things went south

You ask, “What’s the point of waiting?”
Well, the answer is worth debating
Ever since you are born
You spirit is ripped and torn
You feel so fragile
Like a special porcelain dish
You wish life was more agile

I know you say, “Don’t give up or in”
But do you know the weight of my every sin?
I forgive others more readily than myself
Go on say, “Put your arrogance and vainity on the shelf”
But there’s more that leaves me incomplete
It’s being patient in the hustle and bustle
While trying to love myself when busyness takes a front row seat

(C) Carly Wiggins 2017