A Celestial Romance of a Man and Woman 

It’s ok to wear your heart on your sleeve 

You better believe 

If the stars reflect in your eyes

I’ll take note

Your strong shoulders keep me afloat

I love you 

Some days I can’t go on

Waiting for a new dawn

This new era

Makes me fear ya

I don’t know my position 

I try to follow my intuition 

But when the stars come out

I lose all sense of doubt

I see those eyes reflecting 

And it’s like a supernatural directing 

I am mesmerized with you

I am no longer distracted

I love you

The stars in both pupils are attracted

The stars of harmony 

In a dark world of uncertainty 

Unite under a new constellation

And divine romance of planetary rotation 

If I am the moon, you are the sun

Blaze your rays of liquid love one by one

If our love will lasts beyond time and dates 

My heart will still be yours when earth fades

(C) Written by Carly Wiggins 2021

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