I am Soaring in the Air (Am I Going to Fly or Fall?)



I am soaring in the air
Am I gonna fly or fall?
This heart of mine is an overhaul

I just want to fly
I don’t want to think about why I’m alive
I just want to be with I

Because when I fly the wide skies
I don’t want to think about it
When I feel the world’s lies
And fall into its disguise

I know that life is short
And I don’t want to think about death
Life is precious with its grime and dirt
And if I die now it will hurt

Growth is a porcelain vased plant
Slowly spreading its greenery
Adapting while others say I can’t

I just want to fly
I don’t want to think about why I’m alive
I just want to be with I

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018


Destiny’s Knockin’ On Your Door (Let Go)



Life’s ups and downs

Can make you feel sick

Like a roller coaster ride

You question where does your love confide?


You travel some many places in your brain

Your heart has been through a blender

Do I hold on to what’s already gone?

Or let go and surrender?


See, in this life the choice is yours

Everything is a choice

From dusk to dawn

Is your light within turned on?


Does your light within really shine?

Shine like a welcoming revelation?

Beckoning with perspective

Leaving you with clear hope, no hesitation


For if all these things really ring true

Destiny’s knockin’ on your door

It’s time to let go

Sometimes when I am in prayer


I feel like no one’s there

I am talking to the ceiling

Sometimes I am lost in a deep spiritual feeling


I sense a powerful presence of some sort

I stop focusing on my personal hurt

I start to pray for others

And nations filled with sisters and brothers


I am not saying I am always selfless

I can be pretty selfish at times, I confess

But I believe it’s important to take time away from self


To pray for others who need help

Because destiny’s knockin’ on your door

It’s time to let go

© Carly Wiggins 2016

We Are Highly Evolved Creatures (The Light Upon My Feet)


There is chaos in the wind
I want to know if you are my friend
But I ask you, your head turns
If a monkey comes to me and says I evolved from him
I will steal a bannana from him
I want to hold you close
And I want you to hold my heart
And tell me we will never partI can’t live today
Because on the news today they said the world is going to end tomorrow
I can’t live tomorrow
Because I probably won’t be here

We are highly evolved creatures
Some much is going on
Some much we want to know
We are like inch-worms moving one step at a time on the concrete
I would think since we are highly evolved creatures we could live for today
But we have a hard time looking forward to see where our feet are planted
Everything in this life we take for granted
Anytime our sparkle goes away in our hands, we get scared

God promises light on my feet
Not a crystal ball in the future

(C) Carly Wiggins 2006

Iceberg In Your Heart


There is an iceberg in your heart
And it’s melting slowly and quietly
But let it dissolve
Inside are the keys to your heart

You have a lead leg
And when you use your hands for talking
They glue together
But let it be heavy
Inside the lead is a motor

You act like you have it all together
But you know better
You use big vocabulary
You use bright facial expressions
But I know better

Let it go
And let it out
You are just a rope tied
To your childhood tree house
But you have been too tied to go up there and visit again

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018

Creative Spark

creative spark

The womb is the beginning of life. And the beginning of life is a volcano bursting from within. All the energy spiraling inside is thrusting into life to the point of overflowing  out.

If there is life on other planets, are they as weird and realistic as ours? But sometimes life seems like a dream and I thought the characters in my dream were real and I “wake up” to another reality to where those characters are no longer to be found. At times, life was a nightmare, and was grateful.

But I am also sad because the love I have experienced was so magnificent and above all, so vivid.

I know what true reality is but sometimes I wish my dreams were the true reality instead of my life here on Earth. But sometimes I am thankful for what I have. You know?

Did I choose this fate or did it choose me? Did fate bless me or not? Some days I am not so sure.

But what keeps me pressing forward is this ignition in my heart that tells me that it’s all worth it the end. This life force. I also experience it as a creative spark.

© Carly Wiggins 2017