We Are Highly Evolved Creatures (The Light Upon My Feet)


There is chaos in the wind
I want to know if you are my friend
But I ask you, your head turns
If a monkey comes to me and says I evolved from him
I will steal a bannana from him
I want to hold you close
And I want you to hold my heart
And tell me we will never partI can’t live today
Because on the news today they said the world is going to end tomorrow
I can’t live tomorrow
Because I probably won’t be here

We are highly evolved creatures
Some much is going on
Some much we want to know
We are like inch-worms moving one step at a time on the concrete
I would think since we are highly evolved creatures we could live for today
But we have a hard time looking forward to see where our feet are planted
Everything in this life we take for granted
Anytime our sparkle goes away in our hands, we get scared

God promises light on my feet
Not a crystal ball in the future

(C) Carly Wiggins 2006

9 thoughts on “We Are Highly Evolved Creatures (The Light Upon My Feet)

    1. Yes, NOW is all we HAVE. I am happy impacted you in a great way. That’s one of the reasons why I write poetry. It’s important to be reminded of how short and precious life is, you know? 🙂


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      1. Indeed, dear Carly – we must make the best use of our little time we have…

        By the way, could you this time see the small film in youtube?

        Have a nice afternoon (here is already evening time)

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