Destiny’s Knockin’ On Your Door (Let Go)



Life’s ups and downs

Can make you feel sick

Like a roller coaster ride

You question where does your love confide?


You travel some many places in your brain

Your heart has been through a blender

Do I hold on to what’s already gone?

Or let go and surrender?


See, in this life the choice is yours

Everything is a choice

From dusk to dawn

Is your light within turned on?


Does your light within really shine?

Shine like a welcoming revelation?

Beckoning with perspective

Leaving you with clear hope, no hesitation


For if all these things really ring true

Destiny’s knockin’ on your door

It’s time to let go

Sometimes when I am in prayer


I feel like no one’s there

I am talking to the ceiling

Sometimes I am lost in a deep spiritual feeling


I sense a powerful presence of some sort

I stop focusing on my personal hurt

I start to pray for others

And nations filled with sisters and brothers


I am not saying I am always selfless

I can be pretty selfish at times, I confess

But I believe it’s important to take time away from self


To pray for others who need help

Because destiny’s knockin’ on your door

It’s time to let go

© Carly Wiggins 2016

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