Life is an Unexpected Adventure

I am going through a lot in this season of life—many “firsts” for me. One of my good friends has breast cancer and had to get a double mastectomy. Cancer doesn’t run in my life, and I never had a friend who had cancer before. It’s hard to see her tired like she is and has suffered for the last two years. She got diagnosed at the start of the pandemic. With everything going on in the world, a cancer diagnosis is hard enough!

I told her I was mad at God for giving her cancer, so swiftly responded and said, “You should be mad at the devil.” And I agree. I am really upset when Christians assume that maybe she brought this upon herself. I believe it’s an attack of the enemy. Sometimes life feels like an unexpected adventure we didn’t sign up for at any time. I pray for her continually but most importantly, I pray for God to give her strength. She continues to trust in the Lord despite her illness.

However, heartache can bring satisfaction, in the end, turn pain into testimony. I am a teacher’s aide for high schoolers with learning differences, mostly on the autism spectrum disorder. Many people told me I have the patience for and understanding for the students. But do you know why I have the understanding for it? It’s because I have a mild form of autism. I can relate to some of their struggles. My pain is molding my testimony and character. Autism is a new way of looking at the world, but it also comes with unique challenges. I can relate to being overly anxious, sensitive to loud noises, and needing steps broken down into smaller steps. And I am aiding them by my experiences; while they may be different, there are still overlaps.

I pray this as well for my friend who is undergoing cancer treatment. May she reach other women with breast cancer and be a living testimony and an anchoring of faith and hope for many. And may your struggles aid you in being a light for others!

The Seam is Bursting

seam splitting

The trees retire their leaves

My spirit grieves

I know they will be back

Like paved gravel

The workers lay the ground work

But my day’s plans unravel


Do not hold on too tightly

The breeze doesn’t blow slightly

The kite will blow away

Leaving that little child in dismay


I am a child at heart

Immature and naive from the start

I’ve been told children will inherit paradise

But I’m acting like I already attained the prize


If you shake me

Please don’t forsake me

I don’t always dot my I’s

Even with all these misfortunes

But I am thrilled

The enemy is being stilled

The seam is bursting with a gift inside


I need a new awakening

When the new day is aching

It’s aching like a bruise

I know I cannot lose

© Carly Wiggins 2018


The Romance of the Cosmos


The celestial realm is doing a waltz

Debris rocks with firefly tails

Are a part of this romance of the cosmos

While spirals of light and gasses are moving

Through an endless expansive universe


Down on one of the rotating rocks

Are a life force of ingenuity

Breathing atoms of purpose

But flesh and bone of pride at times


They wonder if there is other life

They send satellites and robots to assess

But what they are forgetting

Is the One Being who is always there


He has been there before eons began

He watches from afar

But He looks deeply into each heart

Inspecting each motivation and loving act


He has us in His ancient hands

And on His never ending thoughts

So is there life on other planets?

There is more activity than we could ever believe

© Carly Wiggins 2018

Peachy Keen


I wish everything was peachy keen
I want my testimony to be juicy
The sweetest of hope even seen

It’s more than the finish work of the cross
It’s the struggles, twists and turns
It’s give You all my love and concerns

I wish everything was peachy keen
I want my love to be ripened
Your Spirit is making me sparkling clean

You are making streams in the wasteland
I long to see my joy and crown
In the Lord, I must firmly stand

“Take the kingdom prepared for you before the world was created”
Oh, Lord prepare my heart, I am elated
I rejoice with all of the creation and the angels

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018

I Miss You (Forgotten Joy)

star gazing


As the trees retire their leaves

The yellow orb only makes me

wish I had more shelter

I miss you


The spur-of-the-moment laughter

The unfiltered words spoken

Gratefulness is taken for granted

It doesn’t matter how many times

the two hands spin around

My garden is full

But you aren’t there

I miss you


My heart keeps ticking

I wonder what kind of activity

is in your heart

I miss you


I see the shape of your head in my mind

Is your heart bigger since you have known me?

Do I have to say it again?

I miss you


(C) Carly Wiggins 2018

I am Soaring in the Air (Am I Going to Fly or Fall?)



I am soaring in the air
Am I gonna fly or fall?
This heart of mine is an overhaul

I just want to fly
I don’t want to think about why I’m alive
I just want to be with I

Because when I fly the wide skies
I don’t want to think about it
When I feel the world’s lies
And fall into its disguise

I know that life is short
And I don’t want to think about death
Life is precious with its grime and dirt
And if I die now it will hurt

Growth is a porcelain vased plant
Slowly spreading its greenery
Adapting while others say I can’t

I just want to fly
I don’t want to think about why I’m alive
I just want to be with I

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018


God, the Alpha and Omega

god alpha and omega


The universe created itself from nothing

Then consciousness moving in and transcending all barriers and lines

Where is God in this midst?

He is the Alpha and the Omega, blocking the shadows of darkness with the light that shines



Dear Lord,

We praise you for being the Alpha and Omega. The beginning and end. Remind us that all goodness in us comes from You. Help us to be more lovingly and patient with each other. We live in a very fast-paced world and we forget sometimes how to love. Teach us what’s important and let go of what doesn’t matter. You have the whole world in Your hands and we can learn divine order if we give control up to You. Bless us and shower us with your presence today, Lord.


Please share your thoughts with me. Isn’t amazing how God is the beginning and the end of all that is?


Destiny’s Knockin’ On Your Door (Let Go)



Life’s ups and downs

Can make you feel sick

Like a roller coaster ride

You question where does your love confide?


You travel some many places in your brain

Your heart has been through a blender

Do I hold on to what’s already gone?

Or let go and surrender?


See, in this life the choice is yours

Everything is a choice

From dusk to dawn

Is your light within turned on?


Does your light within really shine?

Shine like a welcoming revelation?

Beckoning with perspective

Leaving you with clear hope, no hesitation


For if all these things really ring true

Destiny’s knockin’ on your door

It’s time to let go

Sometimes when I am in prayer


I feel like no one’s there

I am talking to the ceiling

Sometimes I am lost in a deep spiritual feeling


I sense a powerful presence of some sort

I stop focusing on my personal hurt

I start to pray for others

And nations filled with sisters and brothers


I am not saying I am always selfless

I can be pretty selfish at times, I confess

But I believe it’s important to take time away from self


To pray for others who need help

Because destiny’s knockin’ on your door

It’s time to let go

© Carly Wiggins 2016

God’s Beautiful and Complete Design


The rushing wind

Begins to ascend

Into my curly hair

Waving to and fro

As the sun lightly touches my skin

Like a big warm yellow kiss


Nature is wonderfully regulated and defined

By God’s design

By His elegant and delicate system


If you believe we got here through evolution

Or the big bang

Please use your intuition

God is the inventor behind it all


Just look at peacocks with their magnificent color array

Or a swan gracefully as she may

It’s a part of God’s beautiful and complete design

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018