Selfless Love Leaves a Beauty Mark

Slander and gossip is all around

What is new?

We rise to fall down 

We deserve it after all

My ear is itching 

In my chair I am twitching 

Are you talking about me too?

I am the talk of the town

You know it’s true

The billboard with a picture of a clown 

The jester who is about to fall

Looking for peace is only wishing 

My ripped paper heart needs stitching 

I don’t want to hear, “I love you”

I take a road trip for a fresh breath of air

The journey frees my soul

Once I let go I don’t care

My spirit is my only hope

This world lost it’s spark

And left me in the dark

It’s time for me to take control

Selfless love is genuine and fair

But the opposite leaves a hole

But selfless love can take you anywhere 

It will nurture and help you cope

Here my spirit can just park

As it leaves a beauty mark

And the rhythm of love remains full

(C) Carly Wiggins 2022

Mother Earth, Where Are You?

Mother Earth, Where are You?

This sandy air has no moisture to it

I feel the coming rage

Slumped shoulders bring war

Started by the chaos of a plague

If I have committed sins

I have asked for forgiveness

But I see Pharaoh

Judgement is imminent, nevertheless

I won the lottery

A chance of a lifetime

To be enslaved

You think I have it made

I see people not smile

It breaks my very core

I see the political system in upheaval

My praying knees are so feeble

This world is changing again

But for the worst

A pregnant planet

Whose sick baby is coming forth

So speedy and slick

When left to our own devices

We are weak and scared

Only holding it up closer in a crisis

No, I do care

Do you care that I have tended this garden of life?

I feel desperation coming through

Mother Earth, where are you?

(C) Carly Wiggins 2021

Dusty Road

You say it’s ok
But I want to believe you
You say you love me
I want to receive it too

But I come from a dusty road
Some trees along the way
Offering support
But some decided not to stay

The clock has stopped
So I can’t see
How long been low on gas
The loss of time perplexes me

The gas isn’t my life expectancy
But fuel of hope
What started as destiny
Quickly lost its wide scope

I know others have dusty roads
But mine seems so dry
I choose stick shift to experience life
But you question why

I try to stop asking why
I’ll keep driving
Where the rubber meets the road
Where it’s ok my history was my striving

(C) Carly Wiggins May 2022

Rejoicing in the Process


I am no one

Without You

This world

Leaves one incomplete 

Like a fake egg

Waiting to hatch


So many sins

In Your sight

But Your love

Is like a beckoning light

Drawing me in

Exposing but cleansing 


There’s no need

You love me

The world 

Will reject me

But that’s no cause for shame

But to rejoice 


Is coming to me

Because You see

Me as a perfect offspring

Coming forth 

From an eternal womb

Leaving behind the immaterial 

(C) Written by Carly Wiggins 2022

It Starts with Changed Hearts

Feeling alone 

Like a gnome

Left in the snow

Everyone says

Everything will be okay

But why I do feel

Like a deserted ashtray?

I know I cause others grief

When my worries aren’t brief

And they can get no relief 

I know I am overly sensitive 

But isn’t all relative?

The way I view life

Is my unique perspective 

I see things into the spirit realm 

Beauty that overwhelms 

But also evil entities that condemn

How will we stop them?

Their words seem so self-assured

All the assaults believers have endured 

I want to rise above and to be reassured

In a world where lines are blurred

Didn’t people see this coming?

We thought we knew who were becoming

But are glass houses are crumbling 

But you on a slippery slope

If you think you have all the answers 

You’ll be at the end of your rope

I want treasures of heaven to come to earth

And create an entirely new birth 

But first, our iniquities must come forth

I am no expectation 

To see I need more and more grace

It is no exaggeration 

The love of God knows no bounds

It’s like mighty angel wings that surround

And believers moving to a new sound

I am excited about this possibility 

Of love gaining new ground in Thee

But you know what?

It starts with changed hearts of you and me 

(C) Written by Carly Wiggins 2022

Broken Universe


Father, I need your glory

I am in a broken universe

Amidst an evil force

It wants us to feel unloved 

May we walk with people

In their despair 

Instead of giving them crutches

For their headache 

And saying I love you bunches


We are scared of others brokenness 

Because it reminds us of ours

Do you have compassion for the one under bars?

Truth sets us free like owning our ache

You’re the final piece to someone’s heart break

(C) Carly Wiggins 2020 

Destructive Black and White Thinking


I can’t form my own opinions
You told me everything you felt
There are hierarchy thoughts
Some fester into wounds
Some dissolve and like ice melt

What if you are wiser than I?
Am I bad person for thinking differently?
This deceiving serpent comes crawling
According to you, I am intellectually naive
At a train station and stalling
I have lukewarm plans and I’m wasting your time

If you are right
That this world is miserable place
And everyone is manipulative
Give me a new reality
I don’t want to live
You are as cold as your thoughts

Your thoughts may be your fears
I just know for sure that I am scared
But you are so oblivious
That by downsizing my heart vision, it’s impaired
Thank you, I have a missing heart valve now

My black and white thinking is so bad
It consist of no color, only patterns
You poured your red blood on my shade
You made a sacrifice with an ace and king of spade
Was it a real inconvenience for you?