Broken Universe


Father, I need your glory

I am in a broken universe

Amidst an evil force

It wants us to feel unloved 

May we walk with people

In their despair 

Instead of giving them crutches

For their headache 

And saying I love you bunches


We are scared of others brokenness 

Because it reminds us of ours

Do you have compassion for the one under bars?

Truth sets us free like owning our ache

You’re the final piece to someone’s heart break

(C) Carly Wiggins 2020 

6 thoughts on “Broken Universe

  1. Dear Carly,

    Thank you very much for this great poem that has inspired me to give a poetic answer.
    Have a great time, my friend 🙂

    Sigh of eternity

    Life is like a mirror
    We look into the lives of others
    To see ourselves therein
    The pain, the separation,
    The loneliness, the fear
    Duality of you and me

    Boundaries are drawn
    Through Good and evil
    Instruments of fighting arenas
    Only love knows to be one
    Two worlds that merge
    As dancing universes

    Look at others with compassion
    To experience oneself
    Comfort in hope
    An awakening
    To be in being
    In the lap of the Father

    To overcome you and I
    All opposites
    Merged in Oneness
    Awoken from a dream
    Rollings waves along
    The Cosmic Ocean

    DidiArtist, 27.02.2020

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